Atty. Joy M. Bulauitan

Assistant Chief Operating Officer for Tourism Enterprise Zone Management of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), a government corporation mandated to serve as the development and investment promotion arm of the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Prior to joining TIEZA, Atty. Bulauitan served as lawyer in a Constitutional Commission, Supreme Court of the Philippines, and Senate of the Philippines. She has come full circle in her career in government having served the executive, judiciary and legislative branches of government.

As Assistant COO of TIEZA, Atty. Bulauitan is on top of the implementation of policies, rules, and regulations on the identification of areas as Tourism Enterprise Zones (TEZs) and registration of tourism enterprises. Atty. Bulauitan is also in charge of the execution of policies on the administration and grant of fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to investors within the TEZs.

Recently, Atty. Bulauitan and her team embarked on the “Flagship TEZ Program” which is a joint project of the Philippine Department of Tourism and TIEZA. In this Program, areas with huge tourism potential were identified as Flagship TEZs. Once identified, these Flagship TEZs will be carefully master planned and set up with the necessary facilities by TIEZA to prepare them for domestic and foreign investments. 

Assistant Chief Operating Officer
Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA)